Housing Ministry Launches Strata Portal

The Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development has officially launched the Strata Portal, which is aimed at streamlining processes related to strata property ownership.

In the realm of real estate, strata ownership entails individuals possessing a unit or segment of a building that comprises multiple units, with shared ownership of communal areas among multiple proprietors.

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The inauguration ceremony, officiated by former Housing Minister Ibrahim Rafeeq, witnessed the presence of key figures, including the current Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development, Dr Ali Haidar, and other high-ranking officials from the ministry.

Minister Haidar, addressing the audience, highlighted the portal’s introduction as part of the administration’s ‘Fourteen Weeks’ targets. He emphasised its role in simplifying registration processes for the public, property owners, professionals in the real estate sector, architects, and legal practitioners.

Minister Haidar underscored the portal’s significance in facilitating government oversight of strata buildings and their respective management corporations. The platform is designed to enhance efficiency in the development, registration, and management of strata buildings and complexes within the real estate industry.

Anticipating future enhancements, Minister Haidar revealed plans to expand the portal’s functionality, envisioning a comprehensive register of all strata properties nationwide. Additionally, the portal will evolve to accommodate applications for permits and services pertaining to the field.

The introduction of the Strata Portal reflects the government’s commitment to modernize and regulate the strata property landscape, providing a user-friendly platform for stakeholders across the real estate spectrum.

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