How China got successful in controlling the COVID-19 outbreak

China has been successful in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic while the number of new cases and deaths had increased throughout the world. The country has taken strict actions as soon as the virus started spreading.

The entire country was on complete lockdown when there were less than 100 cases in any province while everyone were wearing masks when outside whether compulsory or optional. China had the virus under control with no new cases within just a few weeks. For weeks without any exception, every province across the country followed what the government said without any delay and fulfilled the civic duty and sacrifice for the safety of the community. Most provinces had no new cases by February end with the controls in place which can be implemented to avoid any other major outbreak to happen again.

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The grocery stores were equipped with temperature and QR scan controls which enables then to trace when and where the person had been in case if any symptoms are developed. All office buildings, schools, retail shops and transport facilities were shutdown. Every citizen have ‘Green Health QR Code APP’ across all cities where a green code means you can enter stores or subway and a yellow code means you cannot enter any stores or subway while a red code indicates that you should be in quarantine at home.

The lessons learned from China can be essential to remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Such as to remain at home as much as possible and refrain from touching anything outside home and using sanitizers and wipes, practice hygiene while practicing social distancing and wearing masks when outside.

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