How can help grow your business? is the first of its kind fully-fledged online marketplace aiming to bring a revolution of E-commerce in the Maldives. The name was inspired from the distinct sound made by the Asian Koel (Dhivehi Koel).

Koo is protected by SSL certificates ensuring safety for the sellers and buyers to conduct transactions, data transfer, logins and secure browsing of social media sites.

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The businesses registered on will be able to showcase their entire inventory of products online reaching a wider audience with minimal costs where the online shoppers can browse and shop anywhere at any time through a PC, laptop or smartphone. Instead of spending hours behind the counter, it is possible to keep track of the online business on the seller dashboard on and maintain profit levels wherever you are in the world at any time possible.

Every citizen in the Maldives with a mobile phone can access while the company has one of the highest social media reach enabling endless cost-effective marketing opportunities. Marketing has always been a battle for both new and steady businesses as they struggle to reach the customers in their category. Thereby, will promote the products being sold to the right customers through successful online and offline marketing campaigns. offers visual merchandising/ cataloguing service where businesses will be connected to trained photographers offering cataloguing guidelines, best quality images, clear and complete description of products and attractive catalogues prompting a quick purchase.

The platform also provides training services in partnership with “Corporate Maldives Academy” where a regular complementary class is held every month to train business and sales staff on growing their business online with carefully designed training programs. More than 50 businesses have been trained till date.

The ever-growing logistics network ensures faster delivery of the products across Greater Male’ Region while the platform is aiming to expand its delivery network across the Maldives with the launching of state of the art delivery app during early 2019.

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