How Long Can Schools Remain Closed?

The government of Maldives has temporarily closed all educational institutes in its efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. With the community spread in the capital city Male’, the uncertainty surrounding the resume of educational institutes rise.

The government has started Tele-classes to help students cope with the curriculum, especially for grade 10 students. Universities and colleges conducted classes through Skype and Google Hangout. However, with the implementation of lockdown in the Greater Male’ area, there has been a halt in the online and Tele-classes.

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Under and Post-graduate students struggle with the assignments and tutorials, while secondary students are uncertain over their examination scheduled in October and November. The government has declared that the Cambridge examination scheduled for May and June has differed as the UK struggles with their outbreak.

University official has stated that the subject might be deferred or the term may be extended. A decision will only be taken after teaching resumed.

Hence, all educational centers are in a temporary halt with the uncertainty of when it will resume. During this uncertainty, many students are opting for self-learning via online platforms, such as YouTube channel Khan Academy. In addition to that, some teachers are providing help to students via Viber group chats.

Students with limited access to the internet are in loss during this time, as they struggle to cope up with other students with access to study materials and limited contact with teachers.

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