How Mabrouq used coffee to get business advice from Sonu Shivdasani—Founder of Soneva

Mabrouq Azeez, the Founder and Lead Coffee Roaster at Meraki Coffee Roasters stated the importance of getting advice from leading pioneers of the industry during the Maldives Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit which took place on 29th September at Dharubaaruge.

While sharing his views and insights at the panel discussion, Mabrouq said that entrepreneurs’ should reach out to the industry pioneers and get their advice on how to move forward.

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He highlighted that this will help to encourage their mindset as well as allow them to shape their business plan in a manner that is more plausible.

Mabrouq stated that he first approached Mr. Sonu Shivdasani on about the launching of Meraki – the first specialty coffee establishment in the Maldives as well as the first specialty coffee roasters in the country.

Mr. Sonu Shivdasani, Founder and CEO of Soneva

He believed Mr. Sonu Shivdasani, Founder and CEO of Soneva, which owns luxury resorts Soneva Fushi and Jani in the Maldives, and Soneva Kiri in Thailand—would be able to provide him with innovative ideas and insights into the business world as Mr. Sonu is an entrepreneur who is committed and has made his mark in the industry and created a sustainable environment in the properties.

He stated that he sent an email to Mr. Sonu, asking for advice and insight into establishing a specialty coffee business in the Maldives.

Mabrouq said that he received a warming response from Mr. Sonu and that his advice and tips assisted him greatly in the business arena. He further stated that he believes that Meraki has a long way to go and with the confidence and support he has received from leading pioneers like Mr. Sonu, motivate and encourages him to move forward with a clear mindset and goal.

Maldives Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit is a unique conference for young entrepreneurs within the country to network & share their knowledge in business, economics and the importance of entrepreneurship & presenting ideas to advance it. The summit is a component of the Business Expo organized by Corporate Maldives.

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