How to Ace Tricky Questions in Interviews

One of the main questions you get in interviews is ” Why do you want this job?”. This is one of the tricky questions that if you ace it, you can secure the job.

Interviewers want to check your motivation and purpose for applying for the job. It is just to escape from a bad situation in your current job or you selfishly desire the prestigious company name on your CV.

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When answering this question, the interviewee needs to show their full motivation, enthusiasm, and dynamic. Interviewees can grab the attention of the employers by showing excitement and motivation in getting the job.

To ace this question, it is very important to avoid giving any generic answers to the question. Interviewers will not be interested in hearing the same answer from everyone and you will not even gain their attention.

It is very important to compliment the interviewer by acknowledging something favorable about the company. Interviewees need to clearly articulate their reason for applying for this job and why you will be a great fit for the company.

Simultaneously, reason your purpose for the application with your background, skills, and personality. At the same time, explain why you believe this job will help you advance in your career and offer the best pitch to sell yourself.

If you give your answer as mentioned above you will easily stand out from other applicants and can secure the job.

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