HSC to Open Bar2000 Coffee Showroom in Maldives

HSC Maldives has announced the opening of Bar2000 showroom in Male’.  

Bar2000 is a blend of coffee that is originated from Slovenia. The various blends of coffee beans and pods available by Bar2000 will, along with its flavor and energy, satisfy even the most demanding of coffee lovers.

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The Bar2000 blends are characterized by a strong, sweet taste of traditional espresso coffee and it offers a fulfilling, rich aroma, including Bar2000 Extra, Profumato, Supreme and Tarabay. Depending on individual choice, these flavors add an awakening and energy that give you that caffeine fix you sometimes desperately need.

The Bar2000 Showroom will be located on the first floor of the new HSC Euro outlet situated in Majeedheemagu and will display a varieties of coffee machines ranging from domestic to commercial use, including all different blends of Bar2000 coffee beans, pods and coffee accessories. 

The showroom will be open for public as soon as lockdown regulations are eased, and we welcome anyone who would like to have a taste of Bar2000 coffee, states Ms. Nathasha, Director of Product Management at HSC Maldives Pvt Ltd.

Pictured: Intuitive User Interface with 7″ Touch Screen

Bar2000 was first introduced at ComFood in Male’, a fast food outlet, known for it’s over the counter quick service and excellent food. Comfood has since committed to serving exclusively Bar2000 as its choice of coffee. Since then, Bar2000 has been enjoyed by many and hold a fiercely loyal customer base. Café’s such as Mazada Café’, Oevaru Gallery, Silly Café’, Shell Café’, Raakani Beach, Rio Grande’, Odd, The Sugar popularly serve Bar2000. 

Bar2000 has also expanded its horizons to Hulhumale’, Addu City, Alif Dhaal Atoll, Haa Dhaal Atoll and Baa Atoll. According to the sole distributors of Bar2000 coffee in Maldives, HSC Maldives Pvt Ltd has said that their services include a profitable package for the coffee loving community, as well as other products including cosmetics, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, cleaning products and numerous other products.

HSC Maldives Pvt Ltd was founded on 25th September 2018, with the intent of providing quality products from Europe to the Maldivian community and the tourism industry at affordable prices. Today, HSC Maldives have established a diverse range of products that are carefully sourced from Europe and the Balkan region by HS Commerce, based in Slovenia, a Southern Central European country at the crossroads of important European cultural and trade routes.

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