Huge Fines to be Imposed to Prevent Illegal Immigrants from Entering Maldives

The regulation stipulating that expatriates must obtain a special license to enter the Maldives has been published for the first time. According to the regulation published by the Ministry of Economic Development, expatriates will be fined in large amounts if they enter the Maldives without a license.

The government has been working hard to resolve the issue of illegal immigrants in the Maldives. As part of this effort, the Economic Ministry has gazetted the regulation stipulating that employment agencies must register and obtain a service license. According to the regulation, a significant fine will be imposed on employment agencies if they bring in expatriates who do not have a license.

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Under the regulation, agencies can be registered in three categories. Category A involves recruitment services and work permit management services. Licenses for the service will be issued for a period of three years. Category B consists of only agencies providing work permit management services. The duration of the license for this category is two years. Category C includes agencies that supply manpower or provide commercial employment. Licenses for this category will be issued for a period of three years.

Under the regulation, an agency or a private entity in Category A will be fined MVR 40,000 if they provide recruitment services for individuals without a license. A fine of MVR 5,000 will be imposed for each illegal recruit. The issuance of licenses will also be suspended for six months. If a work permit is provided by an agency without a category A and B license, MVR 10,000 will be fine for each illegal recruit.

Under the regulation, an agency will be fined MVR 50,000 if the manpower or human resources services in Category C are provided illegally without a license. A fine of MVR 5,000 will be imposed on anyone who uses such services by an agency without a license. License issuance will be withheld for a period of one year.

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