Hype is Building up for Maldives HR Forum 2018

Conferences and industry events are incredibly valuable for the organization and its growth. It is the perfect platform to learn so much from some of the smartest minds and connect directly with thought leaders, strategists, visionaries, researchers and other persons of interest. There is a ton of value in participating in industry events such as Forums and conferences. Unfortunately, in the Maldives, the concept seems less familiar primarily due to lack of conference organizers to conduct premium forums connecting and bringing top minds to the Maldives. In response to the much-needed requirement, Corporate Maldives Academy (CMA) proudly presents “Maldives HR Forum”, a unique and innovative event designed to engage, challenge, develop and inspire business leaders and HR personalities in the Maldives.

The Forum will focus on following key aspects

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Engage – Engaging employees, Multi-tasking and Personal Development

Educate – Use of Technology for better decision-making and management. Training, Learning and development, Knowledge sharing and employee retention

Empower – Developing sense of involvement and ownership, empowering woman in HR

World-renowned high-end trainers, as well as local experts, are expected to share their ideas, opinions and insights in the event. The Maldives HR Forum is a complimentary business-networking event catered to Senior-level professionals (Directors, Vice Presidents, and CPO’s) and HR professionals that will help you make the choices that will drive your business forward through successful HR management.

Registration deadline is set for 15 March 2018. Registration available via the following link forum.academy.mv. The fee for the conference ticket is $100- per person. Fee includes registration, lunch, refreshments and coffee.

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