IASL Aims to Expand Flight Operations from Hanimaadhoo International Airport

Island Aviation Services Ltd (IASL) aims to widen its operational horizons by launching flights from Hanimaadhoo International Airport to several cities in India. Presently, the airline offers flights exclusively to Trivandrum, India. However, in a recent development, the Deputy Managing Director of IASL, Ali Saleem, disclosed to the state media that plans are underway to significantly increase flight operations from the airport, citing Hanimaadhoo as one of the most sought-after destinations for the company.

In his interview, Saleem articulated the company’s initiative to not only recommence flights to Trivandrum but also to extend its network to other prominent cities within India. The expansion plan is in its nascent stage, with the commercial team of IASL diligently conducting research to identify potential new routes. The process involves comprehensive consultation with tourism operators, business stakeholders, and the general public to align the expansion with market needs and expectations.

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Highlighting the strategic importance of connectivity, Saleem remarked, “Bangalore is very connected to other cities in India. Discussions are underway to launch flights to more areas. We hope these discussions will be concluded positively.”

The announcement comes amidst the temporary suspension of flights from Hanimaadhoo to Trivandrum, which is attributed to the ongoing development works at Hanimaadhoo International Airport. The suspension, however, is poised to be a short-term measure. With the imminent inauguration of a new segment of the airport’s runway, IASL anticipates a swift resumption and expansion of its international flight operations.

As the expansion plan progresses, IASL stands on the brink of transforming Hanimaadhoo International Airport into a bustling hub for regional travel, promising enhanced connectivity and travel options for passengers seeking to explore India and beyond.

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