IASL Launches Seaplane Air Ambulance

Island Aviation Services Limited (IASL) has launched a new air ambulance service utilising seaplanes to enhance access to urgent medical care, especially for residents of the archipelago’s more remote islands. The service began operations on March 1st, with a Dash-8 aircraft initially transporting 25 patients. As of March 15th, the service transitioned to seaplanes equipped with modern medical facilities for optimal emergency evacuations.

The initiative is a collaborative effort between IASL, the Ministry of Health, the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA), and the government’s Aasandha healthcare insurance scheme. IASL emphasizes the use of DHC-6 Twin Otter seaplanes, highlighting their enhanced safety and reliability in emergency medical transport.

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Operating 24/7, the service employs a team of 15 emergency personnel, including doctors, nurses, and medical technicians. The government highlights the importance of this seaplane-based service for providing swift medical assistance in areas inaccessible by conventional aircraft. This strategy tackles the logistical challenge of providing comprehensive emergency care throughout the dispersed island nation using solely Dash-8 aircraft.

This new seaplane air ambulance service marks a significant step forward in improving healthcare access and emergency response capabilities within the Maldives, particularly for those residing in its more remote island communities.

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