ICM Opens a Pharmacy with Branded Cosmetic Products

ICM Maldives, a pharmaceutical company opened a new pharmacy in Hulhumale’ with renowned and branded cosmetic products.

This pharmacy which is located in Hulhumale’, Nirolhu Magu, Lot 11117 is the 4th pharmacy introduced to the Maldives by the ICM. However, ICM pharmacy 4 is the companies first pharmaceutical branch in Hulhumale’. The opening of this pharmacy was honoured by Home Minister Imran Abdulla.

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The owner of the company, Mohamed Mirushadh stated that the main aim of the company is to introduce quality cosmetics to its customers. The company provides its customers with beauty products along with medicinal products.

According to Mirushad, the aim behind opening a pharmaceutical branch in Hulhumale’ is due to the growing demand in the location and to provide its citizens with branded products within the city.

This pharmacy offers products of well-known brands such as Note and The Body Shop. Even though Aasandha Services are unavailable at the moment, customers can purchase products directly from the companies website, stated Mirushad.

After the ICM Maldives was founded 30 years ago, a pharmaceutical branch of the company was introduced in Male’ city followed by two of its branches in Addu City. The company is looking forward to opening a clinic in Addu city in order to broaden its business. The clinic will reportedly be built on a joint venture and will provide state of the art facilities along with experienced doctors.

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