ICOM Sends Greetings to All Journalists on the Occasion of the World Press Freedom Day 2020.

Information Commission Office of Maldives (ICOM) has sent greetings to all the journalists in the nation on the occasion of the world press freedom day 2020.

In the press released by the ICOM , the information commissioner noted the covid15 pandemic health emergency we all are in while marking the day and felicitated all the journalists working hard during this time of crisis from home, and those who are quarantined at their workplace and working bravely away from their beloved family to bring news and related media coverage of the situation.

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Also mentioned that the introduction of loans to media by the government at a time of crisis can reduce the damage caused by the pandemic to journalism.

He expressed his delight regarding the progress achieved in freedom of the press within the past year. At the same time addressed that a lot of works needs to be done to achieve the miles stones. Ease of assessing information and to increase the transparency of the government authorities to promote good governance. And training and building journalists.

He also addressed the consequences of bad press and advised to use the power responsibly and uphold professional ethics

Freedom of press and freedom of expression both are integrated. As the real owners of the information’s from the government are general public it is important to use the right and the power to ask the correct questions and remind the government of their duties as getting the maximum benefit from it. This will prosper the whole nation.

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