Immigration Provides Convenience for Expatriates Struggling to Depart

Maldives Immigration has made certain guidelines to provide ease for expatriates struggling to depart from Maldives.

In July, Maldives immigration has announced that it will make guidelines to provide traveling convenience for expatriates with visa and employment approval, who wish to depart from Maldives upon reopening of the border on July 15.

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According to Immigration, individuals with a tourist visa, business visa, and individuals who arrived the Maldives in sea transport with a visa expiring on or after 19th March 2020, can now depart without possible issues at the departure gates.

However, this convenience comes with the submission of the application for emergency departure form at the immigration counter along with the completion of the ‘Travelers Health Declaration’ online.

As stated by Immigration, individuals with visas except for work visas, which expire/expired on or before 19th March 2020, will be informed with further instructions once they email the, with the form for extension of visa along with other necessary documents.

Immigration also informs that the last date for departure via an application for emergency departure- IM34, is 31st October 2020.

The authority has advised individuals or companies responsible for expatriate workers, to complete their employment-related works legally at the soonest, and to cooperate with the guidelines by Immigration, as the authority is putting its best effort to ensure the safety of its customers during the pandemic.

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