Import and export of goods increases greatly in September 2017

Photo by Avas

Import and export of goods in Maldives are reported to have increased greatly in September 2017. The number of import goods increased by 10% while the amount of exported goods increased by 13%. According to reports by Maldives Customs Services, goods imported to Maldives in September 2017 amounted to MVR 3 billion while it amounted to MVR 2.7 billion in September 2017.

In September 2017, goods worth MVR 161 million were exported from the country, while this amount was MVR 141 million in September 2016. Main exports from Maldives to foreign countries are fish products.

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23% of good imported in September were from United Arab Emirates (UAE) making it the country form which most goods were imported in the month. 11% of total imports came from Singapore and China.

With the developments and improvements seen in the business sector of the country monthly increase in goods have been gradually observed.

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