Imports to Maldives Drops by Over 50 Percent in October

The latest monthly statistics released by Maldives Customs reveal that in October, imports decreased by a whopping 51% compared to the previous month.

The most major importing category was food items (excluding tobacco, alcohol and pork) which accounted for 348 million. Machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment made up 398 million, while fuel accounted for 314 million of the total.

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As per the report, the total import figure including fuel was 2.1 billion, while it was 1.7 billion excluding fuel. Both figures have seen a drop of 51% compared to the previous month.

The biggest import markets to the Maldives are Oman (14%), India (13%), China (13%), Singapore (12%), and UAE (10%).

On the other hand, the export figure experienced a 5% increase in October, with a total value of 305 million.

Major exported commodities are tuna products, largely of the skipjack or yellowfin variety. Frozen skipjack accounted for the bulk of exports, valued at 152 million, while prepared or preserved skipjack was 28 million. Frozen yellowfin tuna was valued at 23 million of the total exports.

Maldives’ largest export markets include Thailand (58%), France (8%), Germany (6%), UK (5%), and USA (4%).

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