Inauguration of Kaashidhoo Tourist Village

(Photo: Mihaaru)

Kaashidhoo held the inauguration ceremony of the island’s first ever guesthouse. The foundation stone of the 60 rooms project was laid on 26th March by Minister of Tourism Moosa Zameer.

The project is managed by Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC) who are mandated to support and foster the development and growth of the mid-market segment of the Tourism Industry.

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Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Minister mentioned that the government aims to complete the project within six months. “Investors hesitate to invest in islands like Kaashidhoo; their belief is that revenue will not be generated from such islands. If my knowledge is correct, there was a tourism project in Kaashidhoo previously. However, the project remained unfinished and therefore, failed.”

The Minister believed that MITDC can operate the project albeit not feasible in the beginning. MITDC has finished cleaning the area and started preparing for construction work. Development of the guesthouse consists of two stages. The first stage will consist of a multipurpose building along with water sports area. There will be a total of 250 rooms by the completion of the project.

Established by Presidential Decree, MITDC’s biggest on-going project is the guesthouse island project in Laamu Baresdhoo.

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