Inflation Rate Rises by 0.29 Percent in March 2022

The latest figures by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) show that the inflation rate in the Maldives has increased by 0.29 percent from February to March 2022.

In its latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) report, NBS revealed that while the Maldives’ inflation rate was at 0.29 percent during the month of March 2022, the rate rose by 1.05 percent from March 2021 to March 2022.

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The most significant price increase in this month were from fuels and lubricants for personal transport equipment (+15.28%), fruit (+4.11%), fish (+1.12%), medicines (+1.49%), mobile communication service (+1.15%), passenger transport by air (+0.44%), passenger transport by road (+2.00%), vegetables (+0.39%), pets and products for pets (+8.86%), passenger transport by sea and inland waterway (+0.70%).

The most significant price decrease in this month were from garments (-0.94%), equipment for the reception, recording and reproduction of sound and vision (-1.82%), assistive products (-1.53%), major household appliances, whether electric or not (-0.68%), other appliances, articles and products for personal care (-0.17%), actual rentals paid by tenants for main residence (-0.06%), furniture, furnishings and loose carpets (-0.45%) and small household appliances (-1.45%).

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