Information Commissioner’s Office Holds Public Hearing Regarding Complaints Received

The Right to Information Act 1/2014, Clause 59 gives authority to the Information Commission Center to be able to carry out public hearings in the Information Commissioner’s Office. Within this right, Information Commission Office has carried out a public hearing on 14th September 2021.

This public hearing was carried out to get a detailed update regarding the salary revision for Maldives Airport Company Limited. This problem was filed by Mr. Ahmed Aiman Latheef and according to him, he is not satisfied with the response given within the 21 days by the Information Officer of Maldives Airport Company. Therefore, he requested the committee to revise this response. However, he did not get any response in 30 days from Maldives Airports Company Limited.

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Under the Right to Information Act, Maldives Airports Company Limited cannot ask members to state the reason why they are requesting information in their inquiries and to hand over the receipt of receiving the forms as quickly as possible. To find a solution for the problem that arose, Maldives Airports Company Limited has been advised to allocate a committee to revise the issues in the company.

The information Mr. Ahmed Aiman has requested is a must to be disclosed by any government organization as per Law No: 1/2014 – Right to Information Act – Section 37 (f). This information does not fit into the exceptional category of information under the law. Therefore, the final judgment by Information Commissioner states that Mr. Ahmed Aiman should receive the information.

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