Instagram Baker ‘Hawwan Cakes’ Expands with BML Startup Grant

‘Hawwan Cakes,’ a popular Instagram baker, has successfully launched a bakery in Male’ city, with the help of the BML Startup Grant.

Introduced by the Bank of Maldives (BML) last year in commemoration of the bank’s 40th anniversary, the ‘Start-up’ grant was designed to foster the growth of new businesses and support existing ones. Among the beneficiaries of this grant, Instagram baker ‘Hawwan Cakes utilised the funding to establish her bakery in Male’ city.

The programme, inaugurated last year, selected four businesses, awarding each MVR 500,000 from BML. Hawwa Suzan, the grant recipient, had previously expanded her presence on Instagram and subsequently unveiled her bakery, ‘Ainas by Hawwan Cakes,’ with the active participation of her parents. The bakery is located in Sabudheli Magu.

Hawwa Suzan has been passionate about baking cakes since 2010, officially transitioning into a full-time baker in 2019. She expressed her long-standing aspiration to open her bakery, which was realised through the Startup Grant provided by BML, along with significant family support.

BML has announced its intention to continue offering the startup grant annually to bolster local businesses. They will soon unveil the names of the two businesses to be supported this year.

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