Invest Maldives Forum Showcases Wide Range of Opportunities for Investors

The Maldives has extended an invitation to foreign investors to participate in a wide array of ambitious development projects. The call for investment was a central theme at the recent Invest Maldives Forum held in Dubai. During the forum, senior Maldivian officials highlighted the nation’s favourable business environment and emphasized the ideal timing for investors to engage in various economic sectors.

Seeking to transform its economy, the Maldives government presented a comprehensive list of major development and economic initiatives at the forum. Noteworthy projects include the Giraavaru/Thilafushi Link, designed to connect two islands through a bridge and related infrastructure upgrades. Additionally, the government is promoting opportunities for island and lagoon development within the tourism sector and offering significant investment incentives within designated Special Economic Zones (SEZ).

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Other major projects highlighted at the forum include a large-scale expansion of Velana International Airport to accommodate growing travel demand. The ambitious RasMale’ project involves developing 65,000 housing units, along with roads, offices, businesses, and transport systems. To address national housing needs, the government also outlined plans for the construction of 70,000 housing units across the Maldives.

The range of development opportunities presented at the forum also includes investments in the transportation sector, with plans for 15 new domestic airports. Additionally, the establishment of the Thilafushi Port aims to elevate shipping and logistical services to international standards. These diverse projects underscore the Maldives’ commitment to a broader economic development strategy and actively seeking foreign investment partners.

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