Invitation for Submission of EOI for Thilafushi Island Land Reclamation

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has invited interested proponents to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) for The Dredging, Reclamation and Shore Protection of Thilafushi Phase 2. 

In this invitation, HDC, highlighted that the evaluation criteria for the EOIs will assess the project financing mechanism, the technical capability of the contractor and the proposed duration of the project. Moreover, the compatibility with HDC’s vision, strategic objectives and master plan would be an added advantage. 

The duly submitted EOI on or before 15:30pm on May 8 via email or to HDC’s headquarters in Hulhumale’ will be considered. 

Thilafushi was established as a ground for waste disposal in 1997. The island measures approximately 200 meters in width and seven kilometers in length. 

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