Island Beverages Maldives Opens Sales Center in Hulhumale’

Island Beverages Maldives (IBM) has established a sales center in Hulhumale’. The sales center opened in Nirolhu Magu of Hulhumale’ was inaugurated by Parliament Member of Hulhumale’ Ali Niyaz.

In his speech during the inauguration, Ali Niyaz reminisced that Hulhumale’ used to be an island people went to sleep after a day’s work.

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However, after 16 years, the scene has changed and Hulhumale’ now stands to be the fastest developing area near Male’ city. He further commented that he hoped the products sold by IBM are eco-friendly.

“It is my hope that Taza company products would rid of plastic packaging completely,” Niyaz exclaimed. “I have received news that there would be a change within the first quarter of the year.”

IBM’s Managing Director Ibrahim Anwar also gave a speech stating that the previous year had been lucrative for the company. And the company would work hard in efforts to strengthen its operations further.

Moreover, Anwar also revealed new products will enter the market this year under the umbrella of IBM, including eco-friendly products as well.

Some of these new products include Taza water in 18-liter dispensers, and changing the packaging of all products below 1 liter to glass bottles is currently in progress.

“We will no longer remain as a company producing only water,” revealed MD Anwar. “In the future, we will also release other products into the market as well.”

IBM is a subsidiary of Male’ Water & Sewerage Company (MWSC) with 51% of the capital held by MWSC and the balance 49% of equity held by Champa Brothers Pvt. Ltd. They are a 100% Maldivian company.

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