Ismail Shareef Appointed as Vice-Chair of National Boating Association’s Development Committee

Mr. Ismail Shareef, General Manager of Al Shaali Marine Maldives has been appointed as Vice-chair of the National Boating Association’s Development Committee.

Mr. Shareef was appointed to his position by the committee members at the first development committee meeting held on 29th January 2022. The meeting also saw the appointment of Mr. Yoosuf Riffath, Managing Director of Capital Travel, as the Chair of the Committee.

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Members of Development Committee 2021 – 2023:

• Yoosuf Riffath – Chair

• Ismail Shareef – Vice Chair

• Hussain Aman

• Mohamed Wafir

• Ahmed Asif

• Aboobakuru Mohamed

• Amir Mansoor

Marketing Committee Members:

• Ahmed Afrah – Chair

• Shaam Mohamed – Vice Chair

• Ahmed Riyaz

• Mariyam Maaisha

• Aminath Salah

• Hussain Hassaan

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