Italy Likely be one of the First Markets to Travel to Maldives Post COVID-19

Italian travel agents expressed interest from the Italian market to travel to the Maldives as soon as travel restrictions are lifted. These sentiments were passed during the interactive session of “Webinar Revolution_ MALDIVE”, a webinar conducted by Easy Market Travel Solutions for their agents today.

Easy Market Travel Solutions is one of the biggest online travel agents in Italy and has its services extended globally as well. Established in 1999, Easy Market Travel Solutions are the first distributors of holiday packages for travel agencies in Italy.

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About a hundred travel agents participated in yesterday’s session on Maldives hosted by the Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation (MMPRC) which was conducted in the Italian language. The participating agents were informed of the latest updates from the tourism industry of Maldives through an in-depth presentation. Beauty and uniqueness of the destination were portrayed during the presentation. The important message that Maldives was getting ready to welcome the Italians was also related during the webinar. Specific questions were answered about the destination during the interactive session held at the end of the webinar. Enormous interest in the destination Maldives was shown by the participants, a positive indication that Maldives continues to be a holiday destination much loved by the Italians.

Online Travel agent trainings are a part of the marketing tactics which are being implemented by MMPRC in key tourism markets across the globe. While the COVID-19 pandemic has put markets under lockdown, bringing a standstill to the tourism industry, MMPRC has gone for a complete re-strategizing of the marketing activities greatly adapting to the digital platforms.

Apart from being an important traditional market to the Maldives, Italy continued to be one of the top source markets to the destination. According to Easy Market Travel Solutions it is expected to be one of the first markets to recover and commence flights once the situation eases.

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