IWE to Host “Rape: Broken to Unbreakable”

Institute for Wellness Education (IWE) announces that they will be organizing a session based on “Rape: From Broken to Unbreakable to help shatter the shame, stigma, and silence surrounding sexual violence.

The session will be brought to you by Ooredoo in association with MV+ (Media Partner), Eight Cubed (Design Partner), and Voice of Children (Civil Society Partner).

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Madeline Black, a survivor of rape, will be hosting the session, by an open dialogue on Rape and its impacts. She will be speaking out to help abolish the shame, stigma, and silence surrounding sexual violence.

This session is for victims and survivors, for those who are struggling to find the courage to seek help, for those who are battling to find themselves again, for those who are seeking others that have gone through the same struggle as them, for those who cannot define their lives apart from the incident of abuse or trauma and for those who want to find their voice again.

It is to emphasize that the victims are not alone and your trauma does not define them. Also, to acknowledge the trauma, understand it, and breakthrough as a survivor. Statistics of Rape cases had been fluctuating substantially in the recent few years in the Maldives and this session ensures to help strengthen the victims of rape, emotionally and mentally

Institute for Wellness Education Invites everyone to join them and to start the conversation in order to take the first step as a survivor.

The session will be held on 26th June 2020 (Friday) at 16:00 pm. Viewers will be able to view the session live on Institute for Wellness Education Facebook page and MV plus Facebook and Twitter.

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