‘Janet’ Introduced 25 Products in Addu City

The world-famous brand, ‘Janet’ is also famous and trusted throughout the Maldives. ‘Janet’ has introduced 25 products in Addu city.

The products of the brand are imported and distributed by ‘Janet Mv’ company where it states that there is high demand for the brand in Addu city while the products will also be available from Hithadhoo and Feydhoo.

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Janet brand products will be available from Huhbi Shop, Aagalaa Mart and Easy Express in Addu city Feydhoo. Janet Mv also outlined that products such as ‘Fairness Facewash’, ‘Papaya No Mark Treatment’ and ‘Jenet Hairfall Treatment Oil, Shampoo and Conditioner are having the highest demand while the company will deliver the products for free in Addu city through its Facebook page, ‘Libey’.

‘Janet’ company has been producing varieties of products using only natural ingredients since 1961. Hence, the company has earned the trust and fame throughout the world especially for the products specialised for Hair and Skin.

The arrangements have been made by Janet Mv to provide the products of the brand in Hulhumale’, Male’, Laamu Atoll and Fuvahmulah city. The company aims to distribute and market the products in as many islands as possible throughout the Maldives.

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