Japanese Travel Market Which Dropped Earlier This Year Has Started to Escalate Now


Statistics published by Tourism Ministry has revealed that the number of tourist arrivals from Japan which dropped earlier this year has now begun to escalate.

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According to the Tourism Ministry, during last year’s January month, 3,493 tourists arrived from Japan; however, it dropped to 2,914 within the same period of this year resulting in a decrease of 16.6%. However, the statistics of June month revealed that tourist arrivals increased by 11%. Last year, 2,247 tourist arrived within June month which increased to 2,495 this year.

In reviewing the tourist arrivals between January to June, it is evident that it increased by 2.5% this year compared to the same period of last year. This year, between January to June, 18,553 tourists arrived from Japan while it totaled to 18,103 last year.

Japan has the highest number of tourist arrivals into the Maldives from Asia after China and India. Most of the Japanese tourists are passionate about diving and most of them spend their holidays in safaris.

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