Join Dhiraagu’s #21DaysNoPlastic Campaign and Make a Difference!

Dhiraagu has launched a campaign under #21DaysNoPlastic to help minimize and raise awareness against single-use plastic to mark this year’s International Coastal Awareness month. 

The use of single-use plastic has become an unfortunate everyday habit in peoples’ lives. This initiative is  aimed to work towards breaking such habits by utilizing the popular new habit creation 21-day practice. To join this campaign, participants are encouraged to choose a habit to break and use the hashtag #21DaysNoPlastic on social media to share their choices. The campaign prompts participants to choose  specific habits to break such as by opting out plastic disposable takeaway containers, single use plastic bags  and bottles from their daily lives. Participants can also choose other ocean-friendly practices that would reduce  single use plastic and enter the contest. Every week, 3 winners will be chosen at random. A total of 9 winners  will be chosen by the end of 21 days with the opportunity to win a n a ‘Plastic Free Starter Pack’ which contains  alternatives to single-use plastic as gifts.

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“The main objective of this campaign is for all of us to reflect on our everyday habits that may contribute to  destroy our oceans. We hope that the campaign will raise awareness on alternatives to single use plastic and  on simple measures and individual responsibility that we could all ensure to make a difference,” stated Bishara  Hameed, Manager Corporate Social Responsibility at Dhiraagu.  

Care for the Oceans is a key focus area under Dhiraagu’s CSR programme which contributes to support the  United Nations SDG Goal, “Life Below Water”. Since 2016, the company further strengthened efforts through discontinuation of single-use plastic bottles at the workplace, introduction of water dispensers, reusable bags and carrying out company-wide and public awareness initiatives. Last year, the company also dedicated its corporate calendar theme to encourage alternatives to single-use plastic and raised awareness on the surge of plastic pollution in light of the COVID 19 pandemic and on important steps that the public could ensure to responsibly discard items like single use- gloves and masks. 

More information about the #21DaysNoPlastic and how to enter the contest can be found from Dhiraagu’s official social media pages.

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