Kaani Hotels Claims 2.2% of Maldives Tourist Arrivals for 2024

Kaani Hotels, a prominent guesthouse operator in the Maldives, has recently announced its claim of 2.2% of the total tourist arrivals into the country over the past four months. According to data provided by the company, they have accommodated 16,900 tourists during this period, contributing to a total income of USD 4.1 million (MVR 64 million).

The hotel chain, which operates four guesthouses, has seen a significant influx of tourists, with Kaani Palm Beach being the most popular destination, hosting 9,784 guests. This success is notable considering the total number of tourist arrivals to the Maldives, which stood at 772,651 over the same four-month period.

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Currently, Kaani Hotels offers a total of 490 beds across its properties, with plans to increase this capacity to 940 beds next year. The company is also expanding its reach with the development of a 350-bed guesthouse in Alif Alif atoll Ukulhas.

Abdulla Nasheed, Chairman of Kaani Hotels and President of the Guesthouse Association of Maldives (GAM), attributed the company’s success to its active participation in global travel fairs and continuous marketing efforts. He emphasized their commitment to promoting tourism in the Maldives on an international scale.

With 1,182 tourist facilities currently operating in the Maldives, Kaani Hotels’ achievement of capturing 2.2 percent of total tourist arrivals highlights its growing significance in the hospitality sector of the country.

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