Kalhu Odi Restaurant: First Maldivian Cuisine Restaurant at Marina Crossroads

The Kalhu Odi Restaurant is the first Maldivian cuisine fine dining restaurant in Marina, Crossroad Maldives gettable for all. The name is a Dhivehi word which translates to black vessels.

The main purpose of opening a fine-dining restaurant featuring Maldivian cuisine is to share the journey of rich taste from our islands, it’s culture, depth of oceans and vast tropical nature whilst giving the authentic Maldivian taste to the guest.

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The Kalhu Odi restaurant is located in Marina, Crossroads, the Maldives first extraordinary multi-island, fully integrated leisure destination. It is nestled amongst the breathtakingly exotic Kaafu Atoll and Emboodhoo Lagoon.

The background story of the restaurant is built on a 600-year-old beautiful love story of Dhon-Hiyala and Alifulhu. The story outlines the beautiful tale of Alifulhu, a humble ordinary sailor who falls in love with Dhon-Hiyala the most beautiful women of that time and how they fought to escape the cruelty of the king. Kalhu Odi is the strongest boat build during that time, much stronger than kings’ boat. The legend says that the Odi was built with blank coral from the depths of the ocean and many sacrifices, spells and rituals were made to obtain the rare black coral. Kalhu Odi plays a key role in the love story of Dhon-Hiyala and Alifulhu as it helps Alifulhu to reach to Buruni where Dhon-Hiyala lived and also helped him to rescue her and escape from the Kings men.

The restaurant is designed inspired by the rich tradition and culture of the Maldives. The designs will showcase different aspects of the Maldivian culture and traditions, aiming to build guest engagement and awareness about Maldives and its history. Furthermore, Kalhu Odi restaurant celebrates local artists and their potentials by featuring their work in the restaurant. The creative digital artworks of the beautiful tale of Dhon-Hiyala and Alifulhu on Kalhu Odi social media features Lonufen Studio, an amazing local artist.

The Kalhu Odi Restaurant is expected to officially open by the end of this year.

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