KFC to open its first franchise outlet in the Maldives on 23rd July

Photo: Avas

Globally renowned American fast food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is making it’s final preparations to open the first KFC outlet in the Maldives on 23rd July.

The franchise outlet will be located in Male’ Square, where an outlet of world famous PizzaHut has recently been opened.

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KFC announced on it’s official Facebook page that the official launch will be held on 23rd July at 11:00hrs and the first 100 customers will get a special edition KFC shirt.

Gama Island Food Pvt Ltd is responsible for bringing the fried chicken brand, as well as PizzaHut to the Maldives.

PizzaHut and KFC is a subsidiary brand under “Yum”, whom also runs Taco Bell. Gama Island Food has stated that more subsidiaries under Yum will be opened in the Maldives and they will open a KFC and PizzaHut outlet in some of the vastly populated islands.

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