Labour Authority Advises Employers to Refrain From Taking Actions Against Employees Amid COVID-19

Labour Authority has revealed that it has come to the authority’s attention that several employers have taken actions such as dismissals, wage alterations, and no pay leave, which are against the Employment Act (02/2008), amid the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

The government has decided to introduce a stimulus package of financial aid in order to support employers to face the challenges arising from the economic impact of COVID-19. In granting these aids, priority will be given to employers who refrain from dismissing employees during this time and abide by the Employment Act by granting the rights provided to employees.

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Hence, the labor authority advises all employers to communicate with the Authority before making any decisions related to the employment status of the employees and not to take any actions against the Employment Act.

Labour authority also requests employers to fill the form available on its website (, if they have taken any action related to the employment of employees since 01st March 2020.

Labour Authority requests employers to keep them updated with any such action taken in the future as well.

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