Leadership Summit Asia 2024 Tackles Human Potential, Sustainability, and the Future of Work

The Leadership Summit Asia 2024, organized by World of Tomorrow, kicked off yesterday at Villa Nautica in the Maldives, gathering business leaders, HR experts, and thought leaders for a two-day event focused on the critical challenges and opportunities shaping the future of leadership.

The first day of the summit delved into the power of human potential, with renowned management guru Dave Ulrich opening the day with a keynote address. Ulrich emphasized the importance of developing talent and creating a dynamic organizational culture to drive success and innovation.

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Kevin Oakes, co-founder and CEO of the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), followed with a session on renovating organizational culture by fostering a growth mindset. Building on the theme of transformative leadership, Santosh D’Souza of LinkedIn discussed strategies for guiding organizations through change and developing robust talent programs for the future.

Kristina Vaneva, author of “Beyond Employee Engagement”, highlighted the significance of the Employee Experience (EX) Ecosystem. She explored the interplay between technology, leadership, and HR in creating an exceptional employee experience.

The afternoon sessions took a specific focus on the Maldives, with a panel discussion titled “Leading Destination: Sustaining Maldives Success & Shaping the Future.” Key figures from the Maldivian tourism industry, including Muaviyath Umar (COO of Villa Group) and Thoyyib Mohamed (Tourism Marketing Pioneer), provided insights into maintaining the Maldives’ reputation as a premier tourist destination while addressing challenges of sustainability and evolving global dynamics.

Hassan Shamaam, an expert on organizational transformation and leadership, emphasized the role of empathy in effective leadership. This was followed by a compelling discussion on “Driving a Sustainable Future for the Maldives – Circular Economy and Climate Resilience.” Dr. Mahamood Shougee (Former Tourism Minister, and the current Chancellor of the Maldives National University), and Shaahina Ali (Executive Director of Parley Maldives) led the discussion, emphasizing the importance of a circular economy and strategies for climate resilience.

The summit also placed a strong emphasis on empowering women leaders. Jill Cory, leadership coach and organizational behavior expert, delivered a session on this important topic. The day concluded with Dr. Sweta Adatia’s exploration of neuroscience and its practical applications in leadership, offering insights into decision-making processes and how to optimize brain function for peak performance.

The first day of Leadership Summit Asia 2024 has set the stage for a thought-provoking and action-oriented event, promising valuable insights for leaders and organizations navigating a rapidly changing world.

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