Life Support Begins Program to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

Life Support Pvt Ltd has celebrated its 10th year of service earlier this month.

Life Support is a leading supplier of medical consumables, pharmaceuticals and nutritional products, supplying country-wide. The company was formed on 6th June 2011.

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Initially formed with an employee base of only 10, the company now boasts a total of 54 employees. Over the last decade, Life Support has brought and supplied world renowned brands to the Maldivian market, including Abbott Pharmaceutical, Abbott Nutrition, Kin, Happy Diaper, etc.

Life Support states that its main aim is to create healthcare awareness and help build a healthy society. It ensures that all of its services and products are provided with this aim in mind.

In the future, in order to develop the industry, Life Support states that plans to train doctors and nurses, as well as bring foreign experts and hold various workshops.

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