Lily Hotels Appoints Travelogue Reps as Representation Company for the Indian Market

Lily Hotels has reinforced its resorts’ brand presence in the Indian Market with the appointment of Travelogue Reps. They are a Luxury Hospitality Sales Consultants for the Indian Market. Their team comprises of experts in the field of travel, tourism, technology, and lifestyle, each with a minimum of over 15 years of experience in the industry. Lily Hotels is dedicated to creating high-value, sophisticated and sustainable holidays, and Travelogue Reps offers a pragmatic approach that is seamlessly integrated with this vision. RepresenGng Lily Beach Resort & Spa and Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, the agency will synergise with its professional networks to communicate a truly Gmeless adventure for potential future patrons of the resorts.

Travelogue Reps has a team that boasts over 75 years of sales experience among them in the market which is focused on leading hospitality properties through comprehensive planning and creative insights. With two great properties excelling in different means whereby they are valued highly in many markets around the world, Travelogue Reps will increase the resorts’ recognition in the Indian market and bring the resorts’ respective brand identity’s appeal to the masses and increase the reach throughout the market.

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“We have selected new representation company based on their great expertise in the Indian Market – Sales & MarkeGng RepresentaGon, Strategic MarkeGng Planning & Social Media Management and Strategic Marketing, which is highly required to sell/promote our brand portfolio at this business revival period” comments Imroz Uddin, Lily Hotel’s Group Director of Sales and Marketing.

While UAE, US, and Russia and CIS remain the leading market generator at this juncture, the Indian market is one of the few markets that has created a travel bubble with the Maldives which shows great promise for visitors to come to the Maldives since most competing designations for outbound travel by Indian tourists like Bangkok is still closed for tourism. Through this collaboration with our new partners, Lily Hotels aims to highlight the visibility of their award-winning pioneer all-inclusive packages and unique selling points of both properties so that discerning potential customers in the market choose Lily or Hideaway as their holiday designation during this period and beyond.

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