Looking for A Convenient Inter-island Transport Vessel? Check Out the Coast Craft 38 Plus by AS Marine Maldives

Due to the geography of the country, the Maldives’ most common and popular method of transportation is water. The islands are scattered throughout the nation and costly air transport isn’t a preferred option by many people.

However, a safe and convenient sea transport vessel remains a concern for the people. And that’s why the Coast Craft 38 Plus by Al Shaali Marine Maldives is designed and built for the Maldives’ seas. The 38-footer speed launch promises stable and safe journeys.

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The Coast Craft 38 Plus has a length of 38.11 ft and seating capacity of 30 passengers. The launch has a fuel capacity of 800 litres and a speed of approximately 30 to 40 knots.

AS Marine Maldives has been delivering top quality fibreglass boats to the Maldivian market for more than a decade. The company provides service such as boat design & manufacturing, haulage, Repair & refurbishment, semi & fully customized solution, fabricating & welding works, Engine servicing & rebuilding and complete boat fit-out. Al Shaali Marine Maldives Pvt Ltd. is a joint venture between Al Shaali Marine Dubai and Coastline Investments Pvt Ltd, Maldives.

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