Lotus Introduces OHO Brand Cereals from EU

Lotus has introduced Oho Cereals from the European Union. Oho products, made with whole grain, are the right choice for your children to jump-start their day. Oho cereals have a full product range that will delight your child: Morning School 175g / Cocoa Mix 250g / Choca 250g / Three Friends 250g / Kramsi Chocolate 175g / Kramsi Hazelnut 175 g and Choco Rice 150g.

A bowl of Oho Cereals is high in fibres and energy and specially packed with 10 vitamins to give your child a good boost for the day. Oho cereals can also be used as a snack in the afternoon, after a hard day at school.

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As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, providing your child with the nutritive elements that he will need to keep him alert and active throughout the day at school where his brain will be highly stimulated. Oho cereals are not just breakfast diet; they are convenient morning foods which are healthy as well as flavoursome at the same time. Rich in fibre, Oho cereals will also keep the digestive system working properly.

Get your crispy, crunchy and tasty cereals from Lotus at reasonable prices. Contact 3300619 .

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