M.U.M Partners with Munawwar, Nazahath & Co. Law Firm

Musicians Union of Maldives (M.U.M) has signed a Service Engagement Agreement between Munawwar, Nazahath & Co. LLPon the 26 th of May 2021 as a means of securing legal matters of the Union and providing services to its members.

Under the Agreement, the Law Firm will be providing their assistance to the Union for a one- year term. The Service Engagement Agreement includes Munawwar, Nazahath & Co providing legal and consulting services regarding administrative procedures of the Union, providing written and oral legal advice and opinions, drafting legislative bills and regulations and whitepapers, litigation and advisory services for harassment cases, and attending meetings with the Executive Members.

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To secure and safeguard the welfare of its members, the Union wishes to establish a Union endorsed standard set of agreements for members such as issuing contracts for gig arrangements, drafting Grant of Rights for artists, introducing Royalties and Intellectual Property rights etc. The Union trusts that with the support and legal backing of Munawwar, Nazahath & Co, the Union and Law Firm will be able to work collectively to refine the rights of the artists.

The Union hopes that this engagement with Munawwar, Nazahath & Co will allow members of the Union to benefit from legal assistance of the Law Firm and looks forward to working collaboratively with the Firm.

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