M7 celebrates its 24th Anniversary

Photo: Avas

Having numerous experiences in printing and publishing, M7 has celebrated its 24th Anniversary on 12th April 2019 at a ceremony held at Ghiyaasuddin International School.

During the ceremony, Mr Mohamed Abdul Sattar, Managing Director of of M7 stated that printing is an important field with the potential for development with the evolving business environment.

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Besides, Mr Mohamed Abdul Sattar further outlined that the companies in the field are less while hoping that more importance can be given on the policy level as to ease trade and regulations such as to ease the difficulties in training people in this field as well as buying machinery in this industry. He further stated that the companies in the field can also export while the industry also has other areas such as layout and design.

M7 had started its services in the Maldives in 1996 under the name of SM Stationary and later introducing photocopy and printing services under the name of M7 Books in 2003 and later on adding offset printing and environmentally friendly bags had increased its popularity in 2007. M7 is one of the best printing service providers in the Maldives.

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