Maafushi Land Opens for Sale at Minimum MVR 2000 Sq Ft

Photo: Abdulla Nasheed

Six plots of newly dredged land in Maafushi Island, a hotspot for local tourism, are now available for sale under the island’s land use plan.

The sizes of the land plots range from 1,961.42 to 1,961.48 square feet, with a minimum bid price set at MVR 2,000 per square foot.

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To participate in the bidding process, interested parties must obtain a bid book, priced at MVR 30,000, and provide a bid security deposit of MVR 100,000. 

Successful bidders will be required to make an advance payment of MVR 50,000, with the full payment due within 30 days of the auction.

The opportunity to purchase bid books will be open from the forthcoming Sunday until 24th April; Bids must be submitted by 5th May.

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