MACL Launches 2024 Calendar Celebrating Autism Awareness

The Maldives Airports Company (MACL) unveiled its 2024 calendar at a special ceremony hosted at The Maldives Autism Centre. In collaboration with the Maldives Autism Association, the calendar showcases artwork created by students from the centre, highlighting the talents of children with autism.

Dedicated to emphasising the unique skills of autistic children, the 2024 calendar aims to raise awareness within the community and challenge societal perceptions. Themed “Satisfaction and Happiness,” the artwork reflects the children’s sources of joy.

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Speaking at the ceremony, MACL Deputy Managing Director Ibrahim Thoha noted the significance of this year’s calendar, including artwork by students from the Maldives Autism Association. Thoha expressed gratitude to the association for their support in providing a platform for these children to exhibit their talents.

In addition to dedicating the calendar to autistic children, MACL reaffirms its commitment to social responsibility by offering opportunities to enhance the lives of these children, promoting inclusivity and understanding within society.

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