MACL Partners with RDC for VIA Roadworks

The Maldives Airports Company (MACL) has entered into an agreement with the Road Development Corporation (RDC) to execute road construction works within Velana International Airport. This marks the first time MACL has contracted a Maldivian company for a project of this nature.

The agreement will see RDC responsible for the construction, repair, and resurfacing of the airport’s internal road network. Additionally, RDC will provide regular maintenance, including pothole repair, building upkeep, and applying road markings.

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CEO and Managing Director of MACL, Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed, signed on behalf of MACL, while RDC was represented by its Managing Director, Brigadier General (retd) Ali Zuhair.

MACL CEO and Managing Director Shareef emphasized the groundbreaking nature of the partnership as MACL’s first such contract with a Maldivian company. He noted that while MACL possesses an internal team for roadworks, the ability to outsource to a specialized company like RDC will expedite both routine and emergency projects.

“MACL runs a municipality, a city, and an airport. I hope to use your expertise and manpower resources to accelerate the work,” Shareef stated.

RDC Managing Director Brigadier General (retd) Ali Zuhair expressed gratitude for the opportunity to build RDC’s capacity. He envisions a future where RDC expands through collaborations with government entities.

“We believe that by entrusting such works to domestic companies, they can work as well as or better than foreign companies. I believe that RDC will become a strong company like MACL,” Ali Zuhair affirmed.

Furthermore, RDC’s Managing Director pledged ongoing support for the nation’s infrastructure development under President Dr Mohamed Muizzu’s leadership.

MACL highlights the importance of road construction in ensuring the convenience, safety, and security of passengers and airport users. The project aims to modernize and improve the usability of Velana International Airport’s internal roads.

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