MACL to Launch Online Tender Portal

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) has created a new tender portal to streamline and automate tender-related works and ensure transparency in all tender activities. The tender portal is set to be launched on 5th March 2023.  

The tender portal provides a centralized platform for vendors to register, view, and respond to tenders, requests for quotation (RFQ), and expressions of interest (EOI) issued by MACL.

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The tender portal is designed to enhance transparency and ensure fairness in the procurement process. By providing a platform for vendors to register and participate in the tender process, MACL aims to attract more vendors to participate in MACL’s tendering activities. The portal also eliminates the need for physical submissions and reduces the risk of errors, ensuring that the procurement process is efficient and reliable.

To register, vendors can visit the ‘tender’ page on the MACL website and click on the ‘Tender Portal’ tab. After filling out the registration form and updating the vendor profile, vendors can view active, archived, and their own tenders on the portal. Upon approval, vendors can submit queries or offers through the portal’s ‘Actions’ menu.

The tender portal is a significant step towards digitizing MACL’s services. The launch of the tender portal is part of MACL’s ongoing commitment to promoting transparency and efficiency in its operations. The company is confident that the portal will provide a user-friendly experience for vendors and improve the overall procurement process. 

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