MAHRP and Institute for Wellness Education To Host a Panel Discussion

Panel discussion on ‘Developing a Resilience Mindset to get through Challenges ahead” is being presented by Maldives Association of Human Resources Professionals and Institute for Wellness Education.

Key topics to be covered in the discussion are, mental health challenges faced due to COVID-19 pandemic, adopting a coping mindset, and Practising gratitude despite the difficulties.

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The panel discussion will be held on 8th June, Monday, from 14:00 to 15:00, via Zoom.

The Panel consists of three speakers and they are Hawaa Leesha Master of Counselling Co-founder and Counsellor at Institute for Wellness Education, Shazeena Ahmed Naseem BHSc, Psychology (Hons.), Assistant Psychologist at Institute for Wellness Education, and Zuneena Habeeb Nirvana Fitness Instructor Co-Founder of and Creative Director at Institute for Wellness Education.

Registration to participate in this panel discussion is free of charge and interested parties can participate from

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