Maldives Aid Revised Upwards in India’s Budget

India has increased its budgetary allocation for aid to the Maldives for the 2024-25 fiscal year to USD 93.8 million (MVR 1.4 billion). This represents a significant increase from the initial projection of USD 72 million (MVR 1 billion).

During a press briefing, Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal clarified the revised figures, which had been subject to speculation. Jaiswal emphasized that India remains deeply committed to supporting development in the Maldives.

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“The allocation for Maldives this time is ₹ 779 crore as against ₹ 600 crore projected earlier,” he stated. “We remain a committed development partner for Maldives.”

While the initial interim budget figure appeared to suggest a reduction in aid compared to the previous year’s allocation, Jaiswal explained that the budgetary process involves phases of revision where new proposals are considered. This ultimately led to a boost in the allocated amount for the Maldives.

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