Maldives aims to protect 20% of the ocean—Minister of Environment

Minister of Environment, Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan has said that the Maldives aims to protect at least 20% of its oceans.

Delivering a keynote speech at the 6th “Our Ocean” Conference in Oslo, Norway, the Environment Minister noted that the world oceans are the nature’s richest, biggest and most valuable reservoir of resources.

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He highlighted the deep connection between fauna and flora of the oceans and the people, the need to boost fish stocks, enhance marine life, and safeguard peoples’ livelihoods as the slightest impact on marine life will have significant consequences to the people.

“As the custodians of this nature’s bounty, it is our duty to manage these resources sustainably and pass them to the future generations to enjoy. What happens to the oceans will happen to us. The fate of the oceans will be our collective fate as a species here on Earth,” the Minister said.

He also noted that the Maldives will undertake a comprehensive marine spatial planning exercise and sustainable marine conservation program in partnership with Blue Prosperity Coalition.

“Our Ocean” brings together leaders from governments, businesses, civil society and research institutions to share their experience, identify solutions and commit to action for a clean, healthy and productive ocean.

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