Maldives and China Discuss Enhanced Collaboration at High-Level Meeting

The Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Mohamed Saeed, recently held discussions with Li Xiaosan, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China. The meeting focused on strengthening bilateral ties in trade and investment between the Maldives and Yunnan province.

During the discussions, Minister Saeed acknowledged the long-standing relationship between the Maldives and Yunnan, highlighting how it has facilitated various avenues of collaboration. This includes opportunities to participate actively in the Kunming Fair and to provide training in sports, particularly table tennis. “This meeting will undoubtedly serve as a pillar to strengthen these existing ties and pave the way for stronger cooperation in trade and investment,” said Minister Saeed.

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Minister Saeed also emphasised the importance of interpersonal connections in fostering diverse economic initiatives. He expressed his deepest gratitude to the Chinese delegation, underscoring how the bilateral ties between China and the Maldives have evolved into a strategic economic partnership.

The discussions are expected to lead to official talks aimed at enhancing trade and investment ties. The focus on participating in the Kunming Fair and sports training reflects a broadening of cooperation areas beyond traditional trade. This meeting marks a significant step towards deeper economic collaboration between the Maldives and Yunnan province, contributing to the overall strengthening of relations between China and the Maldives.

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