Maldives and Turkey Sign Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement

The Maldives and Turkey formalised their commitment to enhance economic ties by signing an Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation. 

The agreement was signed at the Presidential Palace in Ankara by Mohamed Saeed, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, on behalf of the Maldives, and Professor Dr Ömer BOLAT, Minister of Trade, representing Turkey. The heads of state, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, also endorsed the agreement.

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President Muizzu, during official talks, expressed the intent to strengthen trade, investment, renewable energy, and higher education collaboration between the two nations. He acknowledged the existing strong relations and thanked President Erdoğan and the Turkish people for cooperating in various socio-economic development fields.

In return, President Erdoğan congratulated President Muizzu on his electoral victory and inaugural term, highlighting the significance of the Maldives choosing Turkey for his first official visit. Both leaders identified key areas for potential collaboration and established a roadmap to reinforce bilateral relations.

The official delegation from the Maldives, including First Lady Sajidha Mohamed and government officials, participated in talks during their official visit to Turkey from November 26 to 29.

In a joint statement, Presidents Muizzu and Erdoğan condemned Israeli military actions against Palestine, expressing hope for a resolution to the conflict. They advocated for an independent Palestinian state within pre-1967 borders, designating East Jerusalem as the capital, and called for an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories.

The Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation signifies the commitment of both nations to deepen their economic collaboration. The signing ceremony was attended by key members of the Maldivian delegation, including Minister of Defense Mohammed Ghassan Maumoon, Minister of Foreign Affairs Musa Zameer, Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal, and Minister at the President’s Office for Presidential Affairs Ali Arif, along with the Principal Secretary to the President.

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