Maldives Approves Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test That Gives Results in 15 Minutes

Maldives has approved the Panbio COVID-19 Ag portable antigen test by Abbott that can deliver results within 15 minutes. Medtech Maldives is the agent for Abbott in Maldives. The test has been approved by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and has also released guideline to use it for testing.

The portable test device requires no instrumentation and provides results in 15 minutes, making it a valuable tool for mass testing in decentralized settings.

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Accessible, portable and scalable option for COVID-19 testing, it can also be useful for supporting public health strategies, such as contact tracing and large-scale testing of people suspected of having an active infection.

The device requires no additional equipment to operate, and can be conducted using a less invasive nasal swab than traditional lab tests.

Medtech is accepting orders for the Panbio COVID-19 Ag rapid test. Contact 3308663 or email

HPA previously approved the BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card portable antigen test by Abbott, which is also distributed by Medtech Maldives.

Medtech Maldives is one of the leading supplier of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical products in the Maldives.

HPA Guideline for Rapid Antigen Testing

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